About Us

We help you in finding the best solution for mechanically fastening the building envelope.

At Eurofast we are motivated about supporting our customers the best way we can, by means of delivering first-rate services combined with high quality products.

We are here to provide you with advice and assistance on all kinds of issues related to fastening the building envelope, at every stage of your fastening project. From request, tests and calculations to order and delivery. Guiding you to the best possible solution for your Flat roof or cladding fastening challenge.

Why Eurofast?

Customised advice

We keep in mind your specific situation, preferences and countries individual approach to fastening.

Guaranteed high quality and certified fasteners

Our fastening solutions meet the highest international requirements and standards. Due to constant quality control, we can ensure that you always receive high quality products.

Full-service technical consultancy

We support you from start to finish in your fastening project and offer technical services for every step of this process.

Quick deliveries from stock

We enable you to keep your stock levels at a minimum, by quick deliveries from our stock. Which ensures you operation reduction and cost savings.

Speaking plain language in a technical world

By speaking clear (technical) language, we increase the ease of use regarding ordering and requests and working with our products and services.
“Every fastening project is unique and comes with different needs in terms 

of products and services. At Eurofast we are well aware of this.”

Our approach to fastening

Every fastening project is unique and comes with different needs in terms of products and services. At Eurofast we are well aware of this and help you with customised advice for your specific situation. Keeping in mind a country’s individual approach to fastening and your preferences. We help you in finding the solution for your project. This could include tests and calculations or just advice on the right kind of fastening system.

Due to the versatility, experience and expertise of our employees we are able to provide you with quick and professional assistance at every stage of your fastening project. With the support of our total service package.

We also keep in close contact with roofing membrane and insulation suppliers. This partnership gives us the opportunity to generate standard calculation values, ready for usage. This also makes sure that we are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the roofing and cladding industry. Making it possible for us to give you the best service at all time.

At Eurofast we believe in obtaining and sharing knowledge. We are ambitious and strive to unburden you as much as possible. We like to think pro-actively with you and translate your wishes into solutions. We are here for you as service and knowledge partner for mechanically fastening the building envelope.

In offering first-rate mechanical fastening solutions, delivering high quality products is of essential importance. That is why we have obtained numerous certificates and memberships to show our products meet the requirements and regulations. In addition, we perform in-house quality control, ensuring that we deliver high quality products at all times.

Eurofast Group

Eurofast was established in 1977, in the Netherlands. Over the years following, we have grown out from a once sole proprietorship to the specialist for fastening solutions for the entire building envelope throughout Europe.  

Our headquarters is located just steps away from where it once started in Deurne, the Netherlands. Furthermore we have Business Units and divisions in Hungary, Poland, Belgium, United Kingdom and Denmark. Making it possible for us to serve more than 25 European countries. Currently we have over 110 people working at Eurofast. Although our company is constantly growing, we find it important to work with short communication lines for both our employees as our customers. We are an informal organisation with a flat organisation structure.  Allowing us to switch quickly, be accessible and keeping it personal for both internal as external parties. This is our strength and we are proud of it!  

Want to know more about us and what we stand for?  Take a look at Our Core values page.