Working at Eurofast

Working at Eurofast means; working at an organisation where job satisfaction and working together takes centre stage and colleagues interact in an informal way.

Eurofast is an international company that is constantly developing and we are experiencing significant growth throughout Europe. Currently we have over 150 people working at Eurofast spread over several countries; The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark. This creates a diverse team with a variety of backgrounds and each with their own unique contribution to the Eurofast team.

One of the aspects which is typical for Eurofast and which can be related back to having our roots in The Netherlands, is our flat organisation structure. We have short lines on every level and throughout the whole Eurofast Group. This makes everyone working at Eurofast easily accessible and creates a personal and open organisation culture.

“Working at an organisation where job satisfaction and working together takes centre stage

and colleagues interact in an informal way.”

Working as an Eurofaster

No knowledge about fasteners? Don’t panic! When starting at Eurofast, you will receive a training course about mechanically fastening the building envelope. Regardless of which department you will be working in. This way we can share our passion for fastening solutions with you. And hopefully you will be as excited as we are! Because, there is more to a fastener than meets the eye.

Personalised introduction training

We like to invest in our people and this starts with the introduction training courses. To learn with and from each other, our training courses are given by our employees to our employees.

For every employee starting at Eurofast, an introduction training plan is made. Matched with the needs of the department and your function.
At Eurofast we think it important that everyone working here has at minimum a basic understanding of what mechanical fastening is. Because if we understand what we do, it makes it easy to tell someone else what we do. It gives us a sense of pride and understanding of who works with our products and where our solutions are used for.  

The length of the training depends on the department you will be working in. For the different sales team, for example, the introduction exist out of an extensive training trajectory. Starting with an in-house training in our Eurofast Academyto get acquainted with our products. Besides that, you will receive the basis of roofing industry, which gives you the knowledge to recommend the right product and give demonstrations or assist on site when needed.  

At Eurofast we all work togetherse as a team, after all, no one can do it alone. It is therefore important to start from a place of understanding. Hence, part of your training could involve working a day at a department you will be working with closely.  

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