Quality Centre

All of the fastening solutions of Eurofast meet the highest international requirements and standards. To guarantee these requirements and standards and to ensure that our customers always receive high quality products, we perform nonstop quality control on our production products in our Quality Centre.

The quality of the production processes and our products is constantly monitored, assessed and guaranteed. From material input to end product output. We do this based on a comprehensive series of carefully performed tests.
Having an in-house Quality Centre gives us the ability to switch quickly in case of the detection of any deviations. It also drives us to keep checking and developing ourselves and our products.

Furthermore, the Quality Centre is in close contact with our Research & Development department always looking for ways to improve current products and test out new ideas.

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“One of the many capabilities of the Quality Centre, 

is submitting our products to the Kesternich test.”

Kesternich testing

One of the many capabilities of the Quality Centre, is submitting our products to the Kesternich test. A quality test that demonstrates and guarantees that our fastening products have a long lifespan.

The Kesternich test is an extremely aggressive test, which exposes a specific number of fasteners to a humid atmosphere containing sulphur dioxide (SO2). The test is run in a closed chamber of a specific volume and heated for 8 hours and then vented at ambient temperature for a further 15 hours. The products are further inspected and a new cycle can start again.

All Eurofast fasteners and pressure plates meet the minimum requirement of 15 cycles of the Kesternich test according to DIN 50018 S2,0L with less than 15% red rust.