As part of our service-package, we offer a wide range of rental equipment that can assist you with the installation of our products.

Our technical experts are here to support and advise you on the rent (or purchase) of the suitable installation equipment for your fastening project.
Our rental range includes all well-known brands that are part of our product range. This means that, next to our own developed Eurofast® Machines such as the Eurofast® Euro-Fix, Eurofast® Dek-Fix, Eurofast® Single-Fix and Eurofast® Triple-Fix, you can also contact us for the rental of Sievert, Leister and Awa machines and other major brands. Enabling us to always offer you the best solution for your specific project.

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“The rental period is flexible and the duration can therefore be adapted to your needs.”

Quality and ease

We take the utmost care of our rental equipment. Upon return of equipment, the equipment will be extensively checked, cleaned, maintained and tested before the next rental. Rest assured, we make sure that you always receive the highest quality.  

Although working with our equipment in itself is easy, we have equipped them with a QR-code, linked to an online manual with instruction video. This way we make the processing process with our equipment plain and simple and as effortless as possible. Thereby, every machine also comes with a printed manual, in case there not be a QR-Code available or you prefer a printed version over a digital one.



The rental period is flexible and the duration can therefore be adapted to your needs.

Request rental equipment or searching for more information?  Please contact our Customer Service department.

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