Product development

At Eurofast we strive to unburden you as much as possible in finding the best suitable solution for your fastening situation. As part of doing so, we are constantly looking to improve our products, modify current products to fit to the changing needs or creating completely new products. All with the goal in mind to offer added value to our customers, in terms of application and quality.

This development goes far beyond just our fastening systems. We also develop tools and machines to assist you with the correct application/installation of these systems.  

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Translating market needs 

All the way from the start of our company, we have maintained close contacts within all levels of the roofing industry and later on the cladding industry also. This enables us to find out the wishes and challenges encountered by professionals working in the sector and the continuously changing demands from the market and evolving regulations.

With our knowledge and the input from the market we are able to translate market needs into improvements and new products for fastening systems for the building envelope and supporting products.

“With our knowledge and the input from the market we are able to translate market needs

into improvements and new products.”


Eurofast® Adjustable Screw (EAS)

The Eurofast Adjustable Screw (EAS) is the solution for mechanical fastening Flat roof systems on concrete substructures in combination with tapered insulation or with differences in height and/or pitch. The EAS in combination with our tube washer, offers full confidence in a correct fixation of the roofing system into the substructure. Through visible clamping of the roofing system, by the unique patented design of the fastener.

The EAS is available in combination with all our standard tube washers and enables fastening of roof systems with thicknesses from 80 mm up to 445 mm. We have an extensive database available that includes calculation values from wind uplift tests using different roofing membranes.

The EAS is always offered in combination with a Fastening design for tapered insulation, and is therefore not available online.
Want to know more about the EAS or like to request a quote? Our Customer Service is ready to assist you via: telephone +31 493 74 52 00 or via e-mail: .  

Eurofast®  Easytool pro

The Easytool Pro makes it possible to process pre-assembled screw/tube combinations in an upright position, ensuring less back injuries. This ergonomic way of working, contributes to the health of those who process our products. Besides that, using the pre-assembled fasteners and reducing bending down, saves labor.

The Easytool pro is suitable for multiple Eurofast screw/tube combinations: tubes Ø 45 mm, Ø 75 mm and 80 x 40 mm. For wired machines as well as machines on battery.

The Easytool Pro can be ordered directly via the webshop. For questions or more information, please contact our Customer Service department via: telephone +31 493 74 52 00 or via e-mail: .