In 1977 our company started with just one man and an ambitious plan. He saw an opportunity and took it, with the goal: delivering and supporting the customer the best he can. Always growing his business and always giving the best care to his customers and later on the people who worked for him.

Throughout the years there has been several changes; changes in management, acquisitions, expansions and product focus. (Read more about this in Our History). But even to this day the Eurofast culture leads back to the beginning, always helping and giving the best you can. That’s the success of what makes us Eurofast!

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Who we are and what we stand for, the way we live and work is described by means of our Core values. They bring into words what that “Eurofast feeling” is and what shapes our culture. What connects us as a team and how we connect to our customers.

Having a natural sense of responsibility and service.
An Eurofast employee has a natural sense of responsibility. At Eurofast we are engaged with each other and the customer. Being (customer)friendly is therefore in our DNA. We like to be of service to another and live by the company motto; treat someone as you want to be treated yourself. This goes beyond only our attitude and behaviour, but is also applicable for everything we provide and do.
Assisting each other to get a step further.
At Eurofast we like to help each other. We are willing and think along with each other. If we do not have an answer immediately, we will always look at how we can arrive at an answer. We will not let go quickly. Assisting each other; something which may be little effort for one, can have a big effect on the other. In this way we constantly help each other a step further. We do it all together; after all, no one can do it alone.
Giving solid advice and building long-term relationships.
We are motivated about supporting each other the best way we can. Thereby sharing knowledge, both internal and external, is important to us. By means of our in-house knowledge, experience and by speaking plain language in a technical world, we offer solid advice. We build long-term relationships based on good communication, reliable services and delivering high quality products to our customers.
Thinking in possibilities and strive to being a bit better everyday.
The mercantile spirit is interwoven in our organisation, that is to say; see and seize opportunities. We think in possibilities. As a result, we do not always choose the most obvious and safe option for us, but also dare to take a leap of faith. We take initiative and want to continue to grow. We strive to improve and develop ourselves and to be better than the day before.