To understand how to correctly fasten your Flat roof, we recommend a wind load calculation for each roof that needs to be mechanically fastened. This calculation results in fastener advice along with an installation plan with which you can complete your project as efficiently as possible.

By calculating the wind load, our team of experts take into account the different membrane widths and the distance between fasteners, to provide you with the best solution.  

On the strength of our close relationship with roofing membrane and insulation suppliers worldwide, over the years we have generated a vast volume of standard calculation values, enabling us to provide you with the most optimal installation plan.

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Request a wind load calculation

Requesting a wind load calculation is easy. Fill in our request form and we will send you a customised calculated installation plan for your project, for free. The calculations are according to Eurocode.

1. Download the form on your computer.
2. Fill in the form digitally and click on the envelop at the bottom of the form.
3. Your completed form is now attached in an e-mail to Eurofast.  
4. You can also add roof lay-out as an extra attachment.    
    Would you like to send additional information or drawings later on? You can send this to: with the notation of the corresponding project name.

Is the roof lay-out file too large to send by e-mail? Please contact our Technical department via:
The location of your project is leading in choosing the correct request form. For project locations in Europe, other than the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom you receive the European standard without national annex.

Project in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or United Kingdom? 
Request forms wind load calculation with specific national annexes you will find on the general download page via the button “Location NL, BE, DE & UK” or go to the specific Eurofast website.

We can also provide you a fastening design for tapered insulation. If desired, please indicate this clearly when applying for a wind load calculation. See also: Fastening design for tapered insulation.